My name is Bill Cawthra and I am currently a Cloud Infrastructure Architect. I play with little fluffy clouds all day. I deploy everything from serverless infrastructure to good ol’ fashion EC2 instances (or Google Cloud VMs, or Azure Virtual Machines). I manage multiple projects, across multiple AWS organizations and multiple AWS accounts. Serving as lead architect for the CPI and MISI cloud infrastructures, I manage multiple projects within multiple AWS accounts.

first post - in Google App Engine

First post! Um, again… My name is Bill Cawthra, I’m a DevOps, Sys admin, IT… person. I like to build things and make them work. THIS is the first post here on the new landing spot for my blog and notes, billyc.io. Currently it’s being deployed using Hugo and Google App Engine. There are two sites, http://test.billyc.io, a standard GAE application and the official https://blog.billyc.io. The first is a GAE standard and the second is GAE flexible.